Who to Call

We offer so many services here at Ƶapp Unified, that sometimes, you might not know who to call.

You can always call us at 520-225-2100, and we'll be happy to help!

The following list might also be helpful to you.

I have a question about...

  • Before and after school care
    Start by checking with your school to see what programs they offer. We provide a list of before & after school programs on our website. You can also call our Community Schools programs at 520-731-5205 to find a program near you.
  • Clothes, shoes, and uniforms for my child
    Our Clothing Bank provides clothing and some school supplies. Call 520-232-7055 to make an appointment. The Family Resource Centers also offer clothing and school supplies.
  • Enrolling my child
    If you wish to enroll your child in your neighborhood school, register online. To enroll your child through the Magnet program or open enrollment, stop by School Community Services at 1010 E. Tenth St. or call 520-225-6400 or email School Community Services for more information.
  • Exceptional Education
    To find out about services for your special needs child, start by talking to your school. Then, if you have more questions, you can call Exceptional Education at 520-225-6610.
  • Immunizations
    Your child needs current immunizations to attend school. You can ask your school nurse or health assistant if you have questions about immunizations, or call School Health Services at 520-225-3284.
  • Transportation
    We offer free transportation to eligible students. You can find information about eligibility at our Transportation website. For information about the bus schedule, check with your school office manager. You can also call Transportation at 520-225-4800.
  • School meals
    Our district offers healthy and nutritious meals. Check with your school for information about Free and Reduced Meal prices. And you can always find the current menu on our website.
  • Tutoring
    Many tutoring programs are available for your child. Start by asking at your school!
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